The Story

From Adventure Coach To Online Educator

I wasn't really a gym person when I was younger. I loved the great outdoors, and that love led me to become an adventure instructor, teaching people the ropes (literally) of rock climbing, mountaineering, and kayaking.

Life's funny, though. It changes things when you least expect it.

My folks have been running a successful manufacturing business for as long as I can remember. I was figuring out the nuts and bolts of cash flow before algebra. I saw the ups and downs of running a business, and it lit a fire in me.

After being my own boss in the Adventure Industry for a while, I launched a B2B company offering adventurous and sporty activities for the younger crowd.

Around the same time, my dad, who was carrying a bit too much weight, got diagnosed with Angina. Having experience in training people, I helped him start working on his fitness. Over time, he went from 24 stone to 16 stone, and thankfully, hasn't had an attack since!

Seeing my dad's transformation sparked a new love for fitness and health. So, I studied exercise and nutrition and became a qualified personal trainer. But being the independent person that I am, I started a fitness studio with my best friend, focusing on B2C this time. We loved it so much that we opened another one and introduced group and online training.

After selling the adventure company, I fully focused on the fitness studios and online training. That's when I stumbled upon PT Distinction, a then-new software for personal trainers coaching online. I got pretty good at using it, and even developed some advanced systems that surprised the software's creators!

One of them, Tim Saye, saw what I was doing, and before I knew it, I was running Masterclasses for PT Distinction. That's when PTD Ninja came to life. We got so many requests to help people set up their online businesses that we launched our 'Done For You' service. And it took off like a rocket! Reminding me how much I enjoyed the B2B side of business.

As we worked with different people, we started noticing patterns. We collected data and figured out what made an online fitness business tick. That's when the OPTC was born, based on the insights from all this data.

So, there you have it, my story from scaling rock faces to scaling businesses, all driven by my passion for fitness, wellness, and helping others.

Ash Burleigh

Founder of the OPTC

Ash & his wife Sarah In Norway

The Journey

We Wasn't Always The OPTC...

The Online Personal Training Certification was born out of a need in the industry and its been quite a journey getting to this point!

PT Distinction Coaching?

Back in 2016, PT Distinction Coaching was set up to deliver Masterclass and the PT Distinction University to members of PT Distinction, one of the worlds leading online coaching software.

The New Done For You Service

By the end of 2016 PT Distinction Coaching was offering a Done For You service to personal trainers using PT Distinction. Within the first few months, Sarah, Ash's wife joined PT Distinction Coaching full time to help with the high demand.

PTD Ninja, New Beginnings

In 2017, Ash started to be known as the 'PTD Ninja' in the industry and the brand stuck. The company changed its name and officially became known as PTD Ninja and Ged'O' Hara came onboard with the team. We continued working with personal trainers to set up their online business systems, not just using PT Distinction but working with other software for website, CRM, calendar booking, automation and much more.

The PTD Ninja 101 Course

By 2018 we realised that many personal trainers and coaches we spoke too didn't always know what they needed help with when setting up with PT Distinction. At the same time we noticed a pattern in the systems and processes all the successful online fitness business had. We decided to launch the PTD Ninja 101 Course, based on this same system, to help personal trainers build and launch succesfull online fitness business using PT Distinction.

The Pandemic

The world changed in 2020 when the pandemic forced personal trainers to stop seeing clients and studios and gyms to close. Hard times hit for many and online personal training became the only option for many fitness business. PTD Ninja became very busy, very quick as the team expanded we where able to help 1000's of personal trainers transition succesfull online. To support our clients, we started to provide more support on the business and marking side of running a succesful online fitness business.

New Management

During the pandemic one key member of the team, Ged O'hara, stood out and was instrumental in the growth of the business. In 2022 Ged was offered directorship and became the COO of PTD Ninja, looking after our client facing services.


Over the years at PTD Ninja, our experience working with trainers and coaches in our Done For You services and helping 1000's transition from face to face personal trainer to online coach, we realised something was missing in the industry.

A certification for personal trainers who wanted to become online coaches. There were many course and mentorships that worked with trainers to grow a business online, but non gave you everything.

Everything you need to build, launch and grow a succesful online fitness business and how to actually coach and train clients online.

The Online Personal Training Certification was designed to fill this need and to provide it in an affordable way that new and growing business and invest in.

So much so, we guarantee it!

The Future

PTD Ninja has been around a long time and will be for a long time to come. The OPTC is the first step that Ash and his team have taken to have a true impact on the fitness industry. Setting new standards for online training and ensuring that personal trainers around the world can have business that support them.

With the new Academy Pro launching in 2023 and new partnerships with industry leader, PTD Ninja and the OPTC is online just getting started!

The Mission

The Goal

To help 1000 personal trainers and coaches build, launch and grow successful online fitness business every year.

The Purpose

To provide personal trainers with the skills and knowledge to set up and run succesful online fitness business and training client effectively and safely online.

The Commitment

To improving the standard of online personal training in the fitness industry and support online fitness businesses by providing quality training, resources and tools to make more profit, free up more time and help more people.

The Standard

We aim to provide a high standard of support with a focus being on the individual behind the business, not just the business itself. By setting the bar high, we aim to inspire others to do the same.

The Strive

Towards the highest level of service and satisfaction by providing innovative online solutions to add value to existing personal trainer services. Continually improve and adopt best practices for building, launching and growing a successful online fitness business.

The People

To work with and encourage personal trainers, coaches and fitness professionals to work together to improve the standards of the online fitness industry. To collaborate and partner with other organisations that aid our mission.

The Team

Ash Burleigh

CEO of PTD Ninja and Co-Founder Of The Online Personal Training Certification.

Ged O'Hara

COO of PTD Ninja and Co-Founder Of The Online Personal Training Certification.

Sarah Burleigh

CFO of PTD Ninja and The Online Personal Training Certification.

Dave Marshall

Team Member of PTD Ninja and The Online Personal Training Certification.

Benjamin Pask

Team Member of PTD Ninja and The Online Personal Training Certification.

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The Online Personal Training Certification is the first all inclusive certification for personal trainers. Create specifically to help personal trainers build, launch & grow succesful online fitness businesses.

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